N-Able Land

"An innovative approach to maximising your assets whilst retaining a major stake in the decision making process"


N-Able Land offers clients a solution for underperforming assets, which currently drain resources and present a whole series of risks to you as property managers, by turning them into positive income as well as meeting broader community objectives in the delivery of a range of assets including affordable housing, health, education and community facilities.

In addition to solving the existing asset based issues we will also deliver back to you, a competitive land receipt at the end of the deal.

N-Able Land will provide you with a development design and implementation service with a pre-approved supply chain able to deliver the development, at current commercially competitive rates, for;

  • Sustainable design and planning
  • Procurement and project management
  • Robust cost management including whole life and site viability modelling
  • Development monitoring
  • Health, safety and compliance management