There is no sign of any reduction in the massive investment in education at all levels in schools, further and higher education. Our collaborative working experience, skills and culture mean we are well placed to respond to the needs of the market for both local authorities and contractors and we are currently engaged on wide range of projects including BSF.

Our experience covers the full range of educational establishments, from primary schools through to secondary schools and to colleges and universities. We have a detailed understanding of the requirements and challenges each of these education sectors present.

We work with our clients to ensure our projects deliver best whole life value. That means planning and overseeing the construction of high performance, environmentally sustainable buildings. Ones which are cost and energy efficient to run, which students and teachers enjoy using and which enhance and positively promote the organisation, its facilities and the community.

Our work in education encompasses:

  • Teaching accommodation for colleges and universities including lecture theatres, laboratories, seminar and tutorial rooms
  • Improvement and expansion of existing school facilities  
  • New build schools
  • Libraries and resource centres
  • Sport and leisure facilities
  • Halls of residence
  • Surveys to DfES/DFCS AMP requirements including condition and compliance